Introducing the NEW Innovative Emergency Descent Device!

This little yet rugged device allows you to descend at a controlled rate to the ground after a fall of up to 25 ft from a hunting treestand.

It weighs less than two pounds and it has accessible size that even fits in your pocket. It can be used with any existing full body harness that meets industry standards set by ASTM and recognized by TMA,

Get yourself a Descender Device and hunt again tomorrow!

*Available for purchase in stores at Wal-Mart, Sportsman's Guide, Northwoods and Scott's Outdoors.



MODEL: PTDD-900- The Descender - Emergency Descent Device 


  • Immediately lowers you down easy in case of a fall

  • Automatic, Friction Based and Controlled-Rate Decent

  • Up to 25' high

  • 120-300 lbs weight capacity

  • One time use only

  • Harness must meet ASTM standards for full body harness

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